Gold Plated jewelry

Gold-plated silver with amber

If you are a fan of gold-colored jewelry and you love frequent changes, this amber jewelry collection is just for you.

Baltic amber is most often associated with a silver setting, quite rarely large amber lumps are framed in gold. The golden binding, although undoubtedly noble and beautiful, makes the object expensive and inaccessible to many. An alternative to noble but expensive gold can be gold-plated silver, which has been reigning in the jewelry market for a long time. Gold-plated silver 925 allows you to create interesting jewelry and large forms with Baltic amber.

Our gold-plated amber jewelry is modern, minimalist and timeless. It was precisely made of 925 silver without the addition of allergenic nickel.

  • Gilding was done with the use of an electroplating bath with 18 carat gold - much more resistant to abrasion than 24 carat gold.
  • The thickness of the gold coating is 2 microns.
  • Thanks to the last additional layer - filing, the gilded silver acquired a warm shade of the so-called "old gold".

Gold-plated or gold-plated silver ?

We often use these two terms interchangeably but incorrectly.

Silver gilding is the application of a layer of gold with a thickness of 0.5 to 2.5 microns to jewelry and items exposed to abrasion. Gold is applied by electroplating process. Jewelry is dipped several times in a golden bath and the resulting golden coating is durable and resistant to abrasion. Gold-plated jewelry, which we take care of properly, avoiding contact with perfumes, creams and detergents, will remain beautiful for years.

Gold-plating silver is covering with a thin layer of 24-carat gold jewelry made of metals such as 925 silver, copper or brass. Gold-plating uses a thin layer of 24-carat gold, which is easily rubbed off and can penetrate the base metal over time. We use gold plating in places less exposed to abrasion, and the thickness of the gold layer may vary from 0.175 to 0.5 microns.

Gold-plated jewelry with amber is it worth buying?

Gilding adds character to silver jewelry, perfectly harmonizing with the warmth of Baltic amber. The amber locket pendants look even more dignified thanks to the gilded frame. Long earrings made of gold-plated silver are an interesting addition to evening styling. Crazy fashionable gold-plated hoop earrings will not go unnoticed thanks to the gilding. Gold-plated silver jewelry is visually no different from gold jewelry - it has the same color and glow. The durability of gilding may seem to be a problem, so it is important to pay attention to the gilding technique and the thickness of the gold coating when buying gold-plated silver jewelry.

How to care for gold-plated silver jewelry?

In order to enjoy the shine of gold-plated jewelry for a long time, it is worth taking care of it properly. Gold-plated earrings, a ring or a necklace should be taken off while bathing. It is also worth keeping gilded silver in bags without access to moisture and light. All these treatments will allow you to extend the durability of gold-plated jewelry and enjoy its shine for years.

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